Wilderness Coffee Seminar October 17

Want to learn how to up your game at making coffee at home?
Love good coffee but miss it when you travel?​ ​
Want to learn ​how to make better coffee than any you can buy in a coffee house with technology you can take anywhere, even wilderness backpacking?coffee outdoor set up

Come join us for a “tail-gate” party Saturday October 17th at Design Ranch in Iowa City at 9am.​ On the corner of Dodge & Davenport
319-354-2623 | info@designranch.com

​Monte, will demonstrate his obsession with making the best possible cup of coffee. He’ll discuss the advantages of “unplugged” coffee-making, how you can brew the same quality coffee whether you are at home or traveling using a stove top espresso maker or moka pot. Monte will cover the pros and cons of several hand brewing techniques, the qualities to look for in a moka pot and the differences between two Alessi pots he uses. Using camping stoves he will be brewing coffee for you to sample with the Alessi  pots and a backpacking moka pot in the back of his pickup truck (assuming cooperation from the weather. If the weather is bad we’ll move indoors.) He will also cover other coffee basics including bean options, roasting, and taking care of your coffee gear. “Every morning I make and drink coffee,” says Monte. “My coffee is consistent, delicious, full bodied and something I start looking forward to every evening.”

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