weightlifting is for everybody

By now most everyone knows or has heard that we lose bone density as we get older and that weight lifting helps prevent that loss. In other words, it’s something we should all be doing to take care of ourselves for the long haul. Most of us thought we left that kind of thing behind when we got to the point in school where we didn’t have to take a gym class (PE was a misnomer) any more. If you’ve never spent time in a gym with weightlifting equipment it can be embarrassing, intimidating maybe even a frightening thing to face but once you start you get over that pretty quickly. Then if you stay with it and you start to feel and see signs of change. It not only increases your bone density, it strengthens your joints and like a good cardio workout it will also improve your mental well being. By the time it becomes part of your regular routine you really start to look forward to it. I’ve heard people express concern about getting all bulked up. Weight lifting by itself will not turn you into a muscle bound freak but done right it will make a lot of physical tasks easier and very likely improve your appearance. Regardless of your gender, you can benefit from increased skeletal muscle mass in ways that will surprise you.

In running a partner can be a great help in keeping yourself motivated. Weight lifting however is much more of a solo endeavor so if you go to the gym with a friend or spouse, each of you should stick to your own personal routine. Go there to work, not chat. If you can carry on a conversation you’re not working hard enough. In the long run you’ll find it’s actually more fun and more rewarding to work as hard as you can.

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