Taking what comes

Went to run in the woods this morning. I was feeling fine. I dressed in enough layers that the cold temperature  (17°) didn’t bother me. It was sunny out so that always helps. The ground was frozen hard and those parts of the trail that had been muddy were molded into rock hard shapes of pounded mud extruded by multiple footfalls in heavily crenelated soles of running and hiking shoes.


I found the rougher spots difficult to navigate, my feet desperate for an area big and flat enough to land on without twisting under my weight. But the morning was fun, birds were animated by the sight of sunlight and around every turn there was a sight or sound that caught my attention. I’ve definitely become a multi-tasking runner naturalist.

About halfway into a 3 mile hill and trail run my feet started hurting. I chose to run in a great old pair of orange  Mizuno Cabrakan trail shoes that may have outlived their usefulness but I’m too attached to them to give them up. Of course, the shoes may have had nothing to do with how my feet felt they’re just convenient scapegoats. Besides, I have to stand still sometimes to see if the golden crowned kinglets are working these woods today.

Beth joined me for the morning run. I got up early even though the temperature was a mere 13° because I figured she would need time to drink coffee before the run. I had a special new coffee from PT’s called Cerro Azul, a Gesha coffee that’s out of my price window but they sent it to me as a gift for being a good customer. What a treat! She’s always very appreciative of my coffee but this morning she said, “this coffee is spectacular.” I agree completely. We were pretty excited because the sky appeared to be cloudless and clear. We layered up, I added a thermal buff to my gear from yesterday and switched to lighter shoes with a different cleat pattern. So my layering consists of a soft singlet, a tech t-shirt, a soft long sleeve tech shirt and a medium weight long sleeve running top, running shorts, running pants, calf length winter running socks from Feetures, my favorite, my thermal buff, a thermal stocking cap, a great new pair of Manzella fleece mittens and a windstopper soft shell vest. I chose my Salomon Speedcross trail shoes to change the kind of wear and tear on my feet the trails cause.

It was a spectacular day. We hardly felt the cold. We were practically giddy with how pretty it was and we both felt good.


We had a great run and as always having a running companion always gives me more energy. After a quick breakfast we headed to the gym to lift weights.  Our Saturday mornings usually start with this kind of pattern but somehow the cold added to the fun of it.

Today began a little differently than yesterday. The temperature was much milder, 38° but cloudy. We lightened up our layering for the warmer day and headed to the woods again. Outside we realized that we had wind to deal with and we both thought briefly about going back and adding adjusting our layers but resisted. Better to be too chilly than too hot. Even without the sun it was fun and there was much to see. White tailed deer were active, we encountered a couple of birders and some nice dogs as always excited to walk in the woods with their owners. We both felt pretty good but by the time we finished we were both ravenous. We had to eat a real breakfast before going to the gym and neither of us worked as hard on the weights today.

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