Why am I working on fitness? Linda Hedges

linda hedges 5When she retired after 18 1/2 years as Regional Interpretive Specialist with Texas Parks and Wildlife, Linda Hedges, 57, of Fort Davis, Texas, started taking weight training more seriously. Though she’d worked with a trainer for a couple of years, the retirement forced a change. Linda hedges 3

Linda offers a reason why, “Women my age need to strongly consider weight-bearing activity and weight-lifting to ward off osteoporosis for sure. And there are so many other health benefits. One is never too old to start exercising! The results can be amazing. Working with a trainer has really helped me to progress.” And her trainer, Alan Vana of Ironheart Gym in Marfa, Texas agrees. “All business when Linda’s in the gym! Great job, Linda!” linda hedges 1

Her friends praise the results:

“Dang, girl! I am impressed!
“Your muscles are badass”
“You look fabulous!”
“All I see is your strength, and that is very attractive.”

So why is Linda working on fitness? “I think that, particularly as we get older, it becomes our duty. It just takes a little more effort, but it’s so worth it. Use it or lose it, as they say! When we are fit — and that includes both exercising and eating right — then we feel and look our best. I want to live as long as I can, as HEALTHFULLY as I can. I want to stay off of medications and avoid joint replacement surgery if possible, too. Diet and exercise are huge components of that.”

Linda hedges 2Linda continues many of the same activities she enjoyed before including hiking and cycling in the Texas Mountains and on excursions in Europe, Costa Rica, Canada and throughout the U.S.

linda hedges on bikeLinda always rides in the annual Wheels for Meals fundraising bike ride, benefiting the Food Pantry of Jeff Davis County. The event takes riders on part of the Scenic Loop through the Davis Mountains and to the tiny town of Valentine, the full route extending 88 miles. The ride provides critical support for nutritious, supplemental food for qualifying households in her community. Hitting her fundraising goal is as satisfying as completing all the miles.
“I’ve ridden as many as 63 miles (100 km) of the 88 mile course; one of these days, I’m going to ride all 88.”

Now there’s a goal for 2016!

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