Green Grass, brown cows

Dear friends, we apologize for the lapse in our posts. We have some drafts started of stories we want to share but we are in that particular state of chaos known as moving across country. Think of it as an adventure with a lot of heavy lifting, mentally and physically.

I took a preliminary load across parts of four states because I wanted to get it out of the way and I wanted to look for a place to live. Two long days later I arrived in our destination, looked at a couple of possibilities, rented a self storage unit and unloaded my trailer. Along the way I saw spring green in fields and trees that was so intense it was almost painful. Lush, iridescent green seemed like flocking on the prairie in Eastern Kansas where two months earlier a number of controlled prairie burns got out of hand in the winds of March and completely charred this same landscape.  I have fallen in love again with the Flint Hills, the spiritual landscape of my youth. So often I think of them in their spectacular fall display of color but this green, this electric green even on an overcast day, grabs my heartstrings. Even the normally stoic cows seem unusually animated.

Once the dust has settled from our move I promise to get back to work here. I’ve got some fun new coffee gear to tell you about plus I have a couple of more “off the grid” brewing demonstrations in the next month. Those are always fun. So please stay tuned. Now I need to finish my coffee and get back to packing.


little bird

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