A Year of Running

 This is a repost from the archives of Beth’s first blog that she wrote in 2008. The photo I took of her during one of our morning runs together is in one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever run and another of my favorite running “trails.”

As the year winds down, I’m remembering all the great places I got to see because I laced on my shoes in the morning. Mind you, it was tough getting out of bed some mornings, but because I did I got to run:

  • through an organic pea field, then an early 1700s graveyard, then straight through a Scottish farm,
  • in full view of the stormy Gulf Coast at Corpus Christi…it was too windy to run outside, so I did this from a treadmill at the hotel’s fitness center,
  • on a trail in Tucson, past towering saguaro cacti,
  • between Fort Davis State Park and Fort Davis National Historic Site,
  • around Memorial Park in Houston (with so many great dogs running with their human friends) and then downtown and back,
  • through the beautiful arts campus at the University of Iowa before it was damaged by flood,
  • around my old grade schools in Bloomington,
  • across the UT campus and the state capital grounds in Austin, then down by Town Lake and the Stevie Ray Vaughn statue,
  • on the road leading into the old Corn Ranch where I was dogsitting,
  • countless hotel fitness center treadmills across the state,
  • through downtown Dahlongega, Georgia,
  • on the taxiway of the Fredericksburg airport, next to my hotel, The Hangar,
  • through Gatlinburg, Tennesee and down the Sugarlands Trail in Great Smoky Mountains National Park.
  • and of course, my beloved Van Horn Cemetery in full view of Turtleback and Six Mile Mountains, and the always wild and absolutely quiet Hwy 54 north of town.

I’ll beat last year’s mileage by more than 180 miles, but experiencing all those places made it a great year of running.

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