A new home, a new trail, a new challenge

Our path has meandered south again with new challenges to face and hopefully new adventures. Our running and biking habits have to adjust to living in a major metropolitan area again. I used to scold friends who exaggerated their age and now I find myself doing that very thing as I slide into my late 60s. Riding a bike and running through the woods still make me feel like a kid but there are other issues and maybe I will talk about those things later.

For now I want to talk about a new trail, one full of roots, rocks, zigs and zags, rugged climbs and rocky descents, small songbirds, and an entirely different plant population, tall grasses, juniper and at least one surprising little species locally known as frost-weed.

This rough and tumble trail roughly parallels a shallow clear stream that cuts through the old limestone rock of the Texas hill country.

We also have a groomed urban trail that offers the aesthetics of smooth surface, low hills, semi-tropic lush vegetation, a river frequented by water birds, big turtles, rowers and other boaters, with a skyscraper backdrop. You can bicycle this trail but it gets a lot of visitors.


Our neighborhood is one in transition. We have a couple of neighbors that were the first people to live on this block decades ago but the increasing majority are young professionals looking for reasonable housing in a relatively inner city location. There are humble little churches scattered throughout, ostentatious new builder box homes and little pockets of charm. I haven’t met this neighbor but I think their sign reflects the general attitude of the area.


Occasionally we have nice skies


and one of the best perks is we have 4 farmer’s markets within a 2-1/2 mile radius.

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