Spring inspires new beginnings and May is a fine time to start something new.  I’m posting daily features all over our social media with this hashtag, #adventurehopeandwonder, because frankly, sometimes I need a reminder to pursue each one.

Here’s a rundown of the features for May 1-5:

May Day!

One of my favorite holidays, May Day, and in past years I made May Baskets for friends and delivered them by walking all over town before dawn. To celebrate the diversity of flowers, and to encourage us all to look more closely at the details in life, I decided to make this the first #adventurehopeandwonder post. Consider it a virtual May Basket delivered to YOU.

May 2

A simple #adventurehopeandwonder for this day came with a plea to get outside before the day is over, get under a tree and look up. Color, movement, song. In May, there is still the bright green of spring and soft temperatures, and they won’t last forever. And if you live in the desert, you can still do this one!


May 3

A mere 1.65 miles from our house is a magnificent farmstand. In the middle of Austin, at that. On two feet or two wheels, today’s #adventurehopeandwonder is about conducting business, running errands, getting to work without four wheels. Try it in ordinary street clothes rather than fitness wear as if to say, “no big deal.” The visit brightened my day, and made me feel great. But if you must drive, be kind to those walking or biking on the road. Thanks.

May 4

It is windy today. This #adventurehopeandwonder is from Fort Pierre National Grasslands, but inspired by our trip to Far West Texas last week. Because far away from the city, the quiet can be unnerving, especially to new visitors. But I found the silence and the wind enriching.

There are delicate touches on my skin, then nothing, then brief moments of rising intensity, like music starting; then with no logic, it ends. Random, without thought or forethought or motive. It just is, than it isn’t, then it dances. It carries life, a prodding, then a calming.

A gentle breeze on the sea is described, “Large wavelets. Crests begin to break. Foam of glassy appearance. Perhaps scattered white horses.” On land, “Leaves and smaller twigs in constant motion.” I see it in streams, swirls, rivulets.

May 5
A hiking tip for today’s entry: throw a pair of airy sandals in the car for the ride home. Your feet will love you!

Catch more #adventurehopeandwonder entries on our Redefining Old social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Or on Beth’s Twitter (as @trailgirl) or Instagram (as @happytrailgirl).

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