Redefining Old

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Why am I working on fitness? Linda Hedges

When she retired after 18 1/2 years as Regional Interpretive Specialist with Texas Parks and Wildlife, Linda Hedges, 57, of Fort Davis, Texas, started taking weight training more seriously. Though she’d worked with a trainer for a couple of years,…

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“Why do I ride? You will eventually FLY down the other side.” –Artist Carola Locke

Through friends, we met artist and cyclist Carola Locke.  Her story about getting on the bike for the first time as an adult? Inspiring! “My husband did it. I had ridden a bit as a child, but never even considered…

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Taking what comes

Friday: Went to run in the woods this morning. I was feeling fine. I dressed in enough layers that the cold temperature  (17°) didn’t bother me. It was sunny out so that always helps. The ground was frozen hard and…

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The Shirt that Changed Everything

I saw it in a store window, and maybe it was the color–a beautiful cornflower blue–that caught my eye.  There was just something about it that made me want that shirt.  But it wasn’t just that.  I wanted to BE…

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weightlifting is for everybody

By now most everyone knows or has heard that we lose bone density as we get older and that weight lifting helps prevent that loss. In other words, it’s something we should all be doing to take care of ourselves…

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