Redefining Old

Category: Hiking


Today’s the day people refer to as “black Friday” or some recreational outfitters suggest is a day better spent outside instead of shopping inside a mall or big box retail store. In their hearts I think the #optoutside folks want…

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Urban wildness

This morning when most people in Denver were going to work I took my bike and binoculars and headed out for ride alongside two major freeways to see what other things live among the 682,545+ human inhabitants. I knew there…

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McKinney Falls biking adventure

It was the brilliant red chest of the painted bunting that caught Monte’s eye. The morning was young, the air cool, and the trail still quiet. We’d already been rewarded.   All we have to do after a quick breakfast…

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remembering favorite running trails, part 3

A running trail through the woods within walking distance of where you live is a true luxury in our urbanized world. Hickory Hill in Iowa City was that place for us, a small piece of woods by some standards, yes,…

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worth the effort

Spread out along the southern border of far west Texas is a State Park that has only one paved road that skirts the southern edge along the Rio Grande. If you enter the park near Presidio Texas and the Fort…

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Why am I working on fitness? Linda Hedges

When she retired after 18 1/2 years as Regional Interpretive Specialist with Texas Parks and Wildlife, Linda Hedges, 57, of Fort Davis, Texas, started taking weight training more seriously. Though she’d worked with a trainer for a couple of years,…

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