Redefining Old

Category: Running

Urban wildness

This morning when most people in Denver were going to work I took my bike and binoculars and headed out for ride alongside two major freeways to see what other things live among the 682,545+ human inhabitants. I knew there…

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A new home, a new trail, a new challenge

Our path has meandered south again with new challenges to face and hopefully new adventures. Our running and biking habits have to adjust to living in a major metropolitan area again. I used to scold friends who exaggerated their age…

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A Year of Running

┬áThis is a repost from the archives of Beth’s first blog that she wrote in 2008. The photo I took of her during one of our morning runs together is in one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever run…

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remembering favorite running trails, part 3

A running trail through the woods within walking distance of where you live is a true luxury in our urbanized world. Hickory Hill in Iowa City was that place for us, a small piece of woods by some standards, yes,…

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remembering favorite running trails, part 2

This four and a half mile out and back was truly inspirational. Every morning I saw something different, a solitary northern harrier hunting low over the grasses, a pair of ravens, a pair of coyotes, javelina, a herd of pronghorn,…

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my typical run habits

I start thinking as soon as I begin to put my shoes on “are my laces too tight, are they too loose, do I really want to do this, I do but maybe a day off would be good for…

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