Redefining Old

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You Never Know….

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You never know who you can be.

I think it took everyone by surprise when I became an athlete in my 40s.  I was the shortest, weakest, puniest kid in P.E. class, but I loved to move.  Picked last for teams.  The first target in dodge ball.  And then in middle age, I found myself heavier than I should have been and bored to death with a job I’d had for years, and I knew I had to do something.  So I started to walk, then jog, then I bought a grandma bike, then little by little I started to run.  I just kept trying new things.  Life gradually got more interesting, and I was willing to take more risks in just about every aspect of life.

I believe you stay light of heart if you seek wonder in your day.  I also believe exercise is the best pursuit for both mind and body; a day goes well when it starts with sweating and preferably, sweating outside.  I’m 57, and I’m both troubled by the realities of growing old (wrinkles, fatigue, weird hairs growing in weird places) and curious to learn age’s lessons.

A friend in Texas is fond of saying, “Girl, tell them your bona fides,” so for the Read More